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Turnkey Delivery

A Blue Robot ASRS installation is delivered "turnkey" and ready for use, so that you, as a customer, only need to spend time on the best possible organization and competence building in order to utilize the many opportunities the system provides for increased efficiency and earnings. This also applies when the system is delivered together with one or more products from our partners.





Our Services


Project Planning

In cases where it is desirable to prepare process and profitability analyses, we, in addition to our partners, can assist in all or part of the process. In most cases, there is no need for in-depth preliminary projects to define what the delivery should contain. Our experience means that we can quickly analyze which options are relevant in each individual case.


All deliveries from Blue Robot ASRS and our partners are delivered "turnkey" according to your wishes. What we have agreed is delivered. The only thing that is required before implementation is that the relevant floor surface is level and without major unevenness and that electricity and internet are available in the premises. We will arrange the rest.

Teknisk service


Blue Robot ASRS works best together with a good warehouse management software, WMS software, as the main owner of order and product information. The Blue Robot ASRS software has a modern REST API interface that makes integration to other WMS, ERP or other systems as easy as possible. Our integration module will also simplify integrations against less modern systems.

Technical Service and Maintenance

Blue Robot ASRS has advanced monitoring functions that continuously record the robot's state of health and behavior. Every deviation from expected performance is logged and reported so that maintenance and adjustments can be carried out in good time before any operational problems arise. This is necessary in order to achieve approximately 100% uptime.


AI and Data Analytics 

Harnessing the value of big data is now easier than ever. Good algorithms, possibly combined with machine learning, can provide insight and knowledge that was previously only reserved for the biggest of the biggest. In Blue Robot ASRS, this technology is used to achieve optimal efficiency of the cubes in addition to smart analysis of the data. Among other things, this provides unique insight into the condition of the systems and enables preventive maintenance to ensure stable operation.

Software Development

Blue Robot can offer services within software development associated with the delivery of our products or as independent projects. Our primary focus is software development within logistics and related fields, but if you have an exciting problem that needs to be solved, just get in touch.



Together with our partners, Blue Robot provides all the support you may need at the times that you as a customer may need.


Employees in Blue Robot have several decades of experience in software development, Retail and project management and can offer their experience and knowledge in the form of independent advice and guidance.

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