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The Blue Robot team is experienced with running implementation projects from small scale, to enterprise wide roll-outs.  In general, our projects go through the following phases:

Customer Requirements Gathering 


Offer and Agreement


Site Preparation


Install and Configuration


Test Runs



Even with a standardized solution like Blue Robot, every customer installation is a little bit different. Therefore, we conduct a series of test runs with adjustments to ensure that everything runs smooth and as expected after everything is setup and ready. During this phase, the installed area must not be in use for production purposes.


We value your time, and we will only hand over the installation after rigorous testing and validation to ensure that you and your workers get the best possible experience of implementing Blue Robot ASRS.

Operators and other relevant staff are trained in Blue Robot operations to ensure a safe and efficient implementation. This also includes training in how to report issues and understanding our escalation processes. We want to make sure that you are getting the most from the system from day one and your custom process steps will be included in the training if requested.

We understand that you always want to be able to utilize your location as best as possible. We take pride in making this phase as short and effective as possible, to get you up and running as soon as possible. Due to early focus on good planning, with experienced people, our install and configuration phase is therefore very efficient and generally rather short, usually only 2-3 weeks.

Robot(s) with rails is installed at customer site by Blue Robot or partners. Bins are delivered and placed in the cube. Conveyors and cube external (like 3rd party packing or picking solutions) installations are completed.


Before the installation is complete, the software is configured for your business. This includes user management, reporting routines and integrations.

Before we can install the solution at your site, there are a few preparations that needs to be done. It's up to you if you want to manage this part of the project your self (we will provide detail specifications) or if you want us to handle everything. 

The main preparation tasks are:  

  • Allocation of dedicated install space 

  • Mounting/fixing points for portals 

  • Leveling of floor 

  • Installing safety barriers 

  • Placing/verification of power outlets 

  • Prepare network access 

In addition to this, you need to plan for physical access for Blue Robot staff. If you require specific security clearance for the install staff, we will follow your protocol.

After we have gotten a clear understanding of your current and future needs and requirements, we will provide you with an offer for a "key ready" solution. We will include everything needed to reach the goals you have, and we take full responsibility for the installation and subcontractor deliveries.

In the offer you will find: 

  • Project overview that describe the solution and system 

  • Detailed milestone plan 

  • Clear acceptance criteria for accepting the solution 

  • Payment plan with options 

  • Subcontractor and partner deliveries descriptions 

  • Integration, test, and implementation details 

  • Legal constrains and considerations, including handling of GDPR and other information security topics 

Blue Robot ASRS is a solution that can be installed by using our pre-set standards or be fully customized to you. In the first phase of the project, we take a deep dive into your requirements, to ensure that you get the optimal installation for your business. The main aspects we cover during this time is: 

  • Process mapping of your current process 

  • Current and future throughput needs 

  • Integrations with your other systems and solutions 

  • Location and building structure specifications


Site Acceptance Tests (SAT)

We are not happy until you are, that's why the Site Acceptance Test is conducted by you (with our assistance) to ensure that the solution is not released for production before every acceptance criteria has been met. We want you to see the result and effectiveness for yourself, so that you are confident in the solution before you give the "go".

noun_Handover Key_846358.png

Transfer to Operations

Given a successful SAT evaluation, the solution is fully handed over to customer and will be part of their operations.


Service and Maintenance

Depending on your needs, we have several options for service and maintenance. This will be tailored to fit your needs and our partners ensure you get the level of support you need.


Extending Blue Robot

One of the big benefits of Blue Robot ASRS, is that it can grow as you do. We will make sure that you are followed up in the pace the that is right for you, so that extension of the solution can be planned and executed based on your growing needs. Extensions can include increasing existing cubes, adding more cubes, robots or making use of extended features in the software. 


To deliver the best end-to-end experience for you,

we have partnered with the best in the business.

Some of our main partners are:

Visma Logo.png
Accon Logo.png
Cody Logo.png

Visma EXSO  

Visma Exso aims to be the customers preferred choice for installation, service & support, IT operation and delivery of IT technical equipment when the solution are business critical.


Exso Care has a mission to make the use of IT:


  • Easy 

  • Stable 

  • Efficient 

  • Secure 

  • Environmentally friendly

for managers and employees in geographically distributed businesses. 

With 30 years of experience delivering IT services, Visma Exso is known to be a partner that truly understands how to act when the solutions are business-critical to the customer. 

Visma Exso takes on total responsibility from planning via installation to support and are providing nationwide service capabilities.  

Visma Exso is present at 17 locations throughout Norway from Lindesnes to Kirkenes and has more than 200 employees ready to deliver high quality services.


Some key values defining Visma Exso are:

  • A flexible partner  

  • Easy to work with 

  • Solution-oriented approach 

  • High level of service and user satisfaction 

  • Focused on customer needs 

Visma Exso holds the following certifications:

ISO 9001 Quality



ISO 14001

Environment (EMS)


ISO 45001


ISO 45001 Logo.png


Accon Group is one of the leading Nordic suppliers of bulk packaging and material handling solutions. Established in Norway over 30 years ago, they have grown into being a preferred partner for all kinds of industry for their industrial packaging needs. Their product range includes, but is not limited to: 

  • FIBCs (Bigbags) 

  • Pallets and industrial drums 

  • Bins, crates and larger plastic containers (Box pallets) 

Through their extensive production network, including their very own facilities in Finland and Estonia, they pride themselves in delivering high quality bespoke products at competitive prices, just in time. 

Accon's organisation is designed to handle complex customer enquiries all through the design and testing phase, up until delivery and prognosis planning. They go out of their way to understand their customers' needs and strive to be a reliable and long-term partner for their customers. 

Through their focus on quality management and sustainability they have been awarded the following certifications:

ISO 9001 Quality



ISO 14001

Environment (EMS)





Cody is an engineering company that has 20 years of experience developing, designing and building custom tailored production equipment, machinery and prototypes. Their core competences are mechanical and electrical design, robotics, cybernetics, automation, industrial IT/OT and complex system integrations. Main areas of expertise includes:


  • Development and engineering 

  • Production drawings 

  • Assembly / prototyping 

  • Software development 

  • Control system 

  • Production data acquisition / reporting / recipe handling / audit trail / electronic signatures 

  • QA / project management 

  • Service and maintenance


Codys greatest asset is their experience in developing solutions for a wide range of industries. Through their development of products and machinery for the pharmaceutical industry, they are used to handle strict requirements and maintain high standards from the selection of materials and equipment to project management and documentation. 


Their expressed goal is to increase their customers profit by developing high-tech and automated solutions, which provide high productivity and quality and enables efficient use of resources and space.

Cody has the following certification:


ISO 9001 Quality


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