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The Blue Robot ASRS 

The Blue Robot is an Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) using gantry moving robots that operate in synchronization with high performance conveyors. The gantry is mounted above a cube of stacked storage bins.

An installation can consist of multiple cubes and multiple robots to further increase performance and capacity. 

The cubes are specifically tailored to fit your needs. We provide cubes with as a few as 1.000 bins, measuring 5x10 metres all the way up to large cubes of 14x100 metres with over 35.000 bins.  

For cubes with depth up to 7 metres the ceiling height requirement is 3,8 metres. For larger cubes measuring up to 14 metres in depth the requirement is 5 metres of ceiling height. 


Blue Robot ASRS is perfect for mezzanine areas, letting you utilize parts of your building that otherwise would be of limited value. 

The maximum floor stress weight is managed. To ensure that it is never exceeded, every bin is weighed before being placed in the cube. The robot can prioritize performance, where all bins have a general maximum weight, or for distribution of load. 

A typical maximum floor stress for mezzanines is 500kg per square metre. This means that by optimizing for performance you can store up to 12,5kg of goods in each bin. By optimizing for load, you can have bins with up to 27,5kg of goods in them. 

The Robot

The Blue Robot gantry moving robot is a high performance, low maintenance robot that can run by itself or in orchestration with peer robots. A single Blue Robot is a capable of consistently delivering and queuing bins to the stations.

Due to our advanced artificial intelligence, we group orders for optimal performance allowing for extreme high-performance batch-picking. By reducing the number of times, we present the same bin to your pickers, we can outpace any human worker.


Blue Robot can operate in extreme conditions if needed and will by default operate in 0-50 C and 0-85% humidity (non-condensing).  

Boxes White.png

The Bins 

We never compromise on quality and for the bins that we supply as part of the installation, we have selected the award-winning Eurotec bins made by Utz. Utz is a market leading supplier of high-quality bins, with more than 70 years of experience. The bins are specifically built for machine handling and has been vigorously tested and approved for use in all configurations of Blue Robot.

The bins measure 600x400mm, with internal measurements of  566x366mm. They are available in  220, 280 and 325mm heights.  All bins can be equipped with bin dividers. The dimensions are very efficient for storing in the cube, and our bins also fit with all other Euro bin supported equipment, from pallets to external conveyors and transporters.

The bins support a max load of 27,5 kg goods and can be equipped with an enclosed double welded flat bottom that extends the max load to 57,5 kg. In scenarios where ESD is a concern, the bins can be molded with a ESD component.

The bins are made of 100% recycled plastic and have the following certifications:

ISO 9001 Quality



ISO 14001

Environment (EMS)




The Gantry Frame

One of the main reasons to select a gantry moving robot is that it gives you the opportunity to install our advanced ASRS with very limited changes to your current warehouse.


The Blue Robot can be installed with as little as 3,5 meters ceiling height. Cube sizes up to 7 meters in depth require 3,8 meter ceiling height for maximum utilization, and 5 meter ceiling height for up to 14 meters in depth. Our steel frame is created by industrial experts and welded to perfection specially for your location.  

Bars Real.png


Our conveyors based delivery and loading system is state of the art, built from modular systems, giving us the ultimate flexibility to support your unique needs.

Conveyors M.png

Worker Accessories

Our ASRS can integrate with your current hardware configuration, utilising scanners and computers that you already have invested in.  We can also provide the system fully turn key, with ring finger scanners and station tablet devices.

Devices CO.png

The Blue Robot Software Platform

Our software is designed from the ground up to provide easy and quick interaction with the robot. We wanted no barriers between you and Blue, so we engineered our interface to be intuitive, letting you get straight to the point of the task at hand.

All picker screens are specifically tailored to be used with gloves and scanners.

We operate the software in a state-of-the-art infrastructure, that gives you predictable high performance even in scenarios with extreme volumes of data and transactions. Scaling to more robots or combining cubes for increased mechanical performance is easily achieved.

The systems do over the air updates on the interval you decide, so that you are always up to date with the latest software, but never surprised when changes occur.

The interface

Our long experience in the picking, packing and replenishment processes of a warehouse has helped us craft the most intuitive software interface in the domain. 


We strive to make our solutions require little to no training, we do this by cleanly and clearly identifying the required interaction and process that is ongoing for the user. (4).gif (3).gif
Pick Screen.png
Batch Desk GUI on Tablet.png


The Blue Robot Backend solution is built by industry experts from the ground up to be easy to integrate. Our integration technology is a drastic risk mitigation for your project, as well as a major cost saver for operations. We work together with the major WMS vendors to ensure a smooth integration process. 

Developers love our modern self-documenting REST API, that is easy and safe to integrate towards. The developer documentation is made by developers for developers, with tons of practical code examples and easy to follow guides.

As part of our standard integration package, we provide you with efficient integrations points for: 

  • WMS/WCS controls 

  • Replenishment 

  • Picking 

  • Article management 

  • Stock

User and security roles management is done with Microsoft Active Directory / OAuth to make it effortless to achieve single-sign and federation.

When first implementing The Blue Robot ASRS, you may even run the system out-of-the-box with our basic and easy to use Warehouse Management System (WMS).

It's really up to you: The Blue Robot can be the central hub of your setup or it can be an invaluable addition to other configurations.


Uninterrupted Operations 

We know that our solutions quickly become a critical component in your operation, in some cases our solution will even be at the heart of your core business.  We give operational excellence and solution security a top priority every day, so that you can rest assured you will have a flawless experience.

Our solution runs in a state of the art, high performance cloud environment, so there is no need for you to invest in or maintain local servers and infrastructure.

Within the durable chassis of the robot, everything needed to run efficiently in a failsafe offline mode in case of connectivity outages is included.

The Blue Robot uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms to make continuous improvement of operation. Predictive maintenance and over the air updates ensure that your warehouse is always tuned for perfect operation.

With the emerging threats from professional technical hijackers and for-profit industrial hackers, there has never been a higher demand for secured logistics systems.

All our components meet a high standard for security, and we are making use of state-of-the-art distributed technology to make sure your data is kept secure from even the most advanced attack scenarios.  All data centers and solutions used meet the requirements for relevant certifications, such as ISO 27001.

Preventive maintenance 

As part of The Blue Robot analytics and monitoring, we are providing state-of-the-art algorithms for preventive maintenance. This means that a service partner can be alerted well in advance of any component breaking down or needing to be serviced. Our advanced preventive maintenance analytics is based on market leading machine learning and artificial intelligence engines.

Cyber Security 

The chances are high that you have heard or read the stories about illegal hacks and the theft of customer data for parts and production companies. There is a steep increase in these kinds of attacks over the past couple of years. The dark reality is that these break-ins have probably been underestimated and many companies are afraid to announce that they have been hacked because of the effect it will have on their customers.

These days, hackers do not limit their interest to stealing data, but they also want to hold the data and the production systems hostage. For example, a hacker may gain access to the software that automates your business. 

How do we keep the system secure? 

The Blue Robot system runs a market leading security platform for execution and data storage. The platform we use is overseen and maintained by more than 3500 security professionals. Our regular over-the-air updates ensure that you are always up-to-date and protected against the newest threats. 

The Blue Robot software and controller has been built using modern technology from the ground up and do not face the same dangers by having old and insecure components that you would find in comparable solutions.

​A hacker can often use a third-party solution to attack your other systems and any introduction of a new may pose a significant addition to your existing production security.

The Blue Robot system operates fully isolated from other services running on your network, with the use of highly secured application programming interfaces when interacting with other applications (like your ERP).

Short Term Storage 

In operations that require short term storage, The Blue Robot can significantly reduce cost of staff and increase delivery accuracy to above 99.99%, in addition to improve overall performance. The implementation areas for Blue Robot spans across a wide area of possibilities like automating storage and retrieval of personal items (bags, jackets etc.) at large concert venues to mini-load storage for product dispatch locations.

​Long Term Storage 

The optimized storage cubes provided are great for long term storage items, due to the extreme compact storage density we offer. With our high-performance optimization algorithms, you can safely store items with different storage time in the same cube or allocate specific cubes for long term storage.

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