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Blue Robot Company makes the premier automated storage and retrieval system for small and medium sized businesses.  

We use high performance mechanics and state of the art analytics to give you a competitive advantage unlike anyone else. Blue Robot can be installed in almost any location, including mezzanines. All we require is a flat floor, a ceiling height of 3.8 meters, power, and an internet connection. 


Want to know more?

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Provide your name and email-address and we'll reach out for a discussion on how a Blue Robot ASRS install could work for you. 

What does a typical Blue Robot ASRS install look like?


You can combine, extend, and expand the solution in several ways, but for a typical installation you would get 1500-5000 storage bins with a performance of over 250 picked order lines per hour per station. A typical Blue Robot ASRS installation is in the range of 400.000 to 700.000 Euros. This includes bins, integrations to your WMS, and installation. We always give a "key ready" solution. 


If you need extra high performance, you can enable our "Advanced Power Picking" module.  All our add-on modules are billed on a monthly subscription, so you only need to pay for the months you need it. 

Speaking of monthly costs, our advanced software in combination with proven and durable hardware and mechanics, makes for a reliable system that runs for months without the need for any service. Your staff can spend their time on picking, rather than robot maintenance. There are also no batteries that need charging or causes the solution to fail. 

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